Virtual Assistant

Challenge: Design of the chatbot for Santander Consumer Finance

Methodology: Scrum

We built this chatbot for Santander Consumer Finance combining AI with real-time agents, in order to give the user the best customer service possible.

This virtual assistant was a component developed within the project Globile to be implemented in the global modular app by the countries interested in the service.

Chatbots are each day more present in our lives. We tend to relegate them to solve easy tasks, but technology is advancing at light speed and artificial intelligence gets day by day more sophisticated.

Chatbot applications streamline interactions between people and services, enhancing customer experience, offering companies new opportunities to improve customer engagement.

As a squad designer, my role was to understand business and user needs along with Product and Research teams. I had to provide design solutions so users can achieve tasks based on their needs. I collaborated with Product Owners and Technical Leads on a daily basis.

Ensuring a quality experience of the product by the end-user as well as making sure that design covered every scenario of the user story (happy and unhappy paths) and every user (accessibility and inclusive design) was a must. It was extremely important to share the solution and get feedback from users and main stakeholders to iterate on the designs.

I was expected to work closely with the development team to understand the feasibility of the solution and solve dev questions. I had to review the work delivered by the development team to ensure the design was followed. It was crucial to keep Invision updated and frozen during sprint execution for developers and QA.

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