Challenge: Creating a VUI product related to a fintech company

Methodology: Lean

The future is not talking (nor giving orders) to machines, but machines with the ability to talk to us.

And this is why we created Toone a tool capable of providing you with your financial news in a fully automatic way through a voice assistant like Google Home or Alexa.

We intended to make the task of consulting financial information easier, and more accessible for users. Being able to use our voice to access a service seems like a more natural way of communicating. It allows you to do several things simultaneously: Toone walks you through your financial news while you are preparing breakfast. With Toone you don´t need to stop what you are doing to turn on the computer or browsing through your phone anymore. It saves you the need to remember to check your accounts. Toone is activated by users according to their needs, in a way that is as easy as setting up your morning alarms on the phone. It is fully customizable and intuitive to use.

Accessibility was very important to us throughout the entire process of designing Toone. We truly believed that it had the potential to be a valuable tool for a great array of users. As screens and touch inputs have been eliminated from the main flow and substituted by VUI (voice user interface), we thought of it as a future indispensable tool for visually impaired people and people with reduced mobility.

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