Meeting app

Challenge: Design of a meeting app for private client

Methodology: Design thinking

I was hired to do a prototype for a meeting app. I used the design thinking and design sprint methodology, alongside different design tools to proceed with the project.

I researched the market to see similar solutions and ways of solving similar problems as the one presented by the idea I needed to work on. Gathering inspiration is a huge part of this process. Research questions and Assumptions and answers are useful tools to help define opportunities and possible pain points. Based on this first research, alongside the stakeholders, we defined a series of essential functionalities we needed as well as the tone of voice that would be used across the app.

In the exploration phase, we tackled basic information architecture and story mapping to define functionality. With all of this we generated a first app flow to better understand how the MVP was going to perform.

The last step was working on UI color palette stemming from the brand palette defined by the agency. With this, some basic UI elements were defined and some of the main screens were generated.


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