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Problem statement

The main concern was the fact that the experience with the bank’s operational digital solutions varied a lot from country to country and was inconsistent. Santander Consumer Finance identified that clients were struggling with a very complex experience that was detrimental to the brand. Having different teams spread across the world working on similar and duplicated work was expensive. With the rise of challenger banks, Santander saw the real need to start improving their overall experience and be more agile to keep being competitive in an ever-changing environment.

With the innovation project Globile, Santander Consumer Finance focused on developing a global banking app to offer a unified experience across all countries it operates in. The project intended to cover all digital needs of each country, in an ambitious innovative project that covered retail and SME app, with a strong finance focus and a fully operational virtual assistance.

In order to achieve this, Globile started to generate a modular app, allowing each country of the group to assemble their own app by using the components of their choosing.

Goal: Analyze the current solutions in the different countries and understand their needs. Research best practices in the market. Simplify the experience for end users.

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The role:

I was hired by Santander Consumer Finance to give support to the project Globile as squad designer. My responsibility was to understand business and user needs along with Product and Research teams. I had to provide design solutions to complex banking problems, analyzing current products in the different countries. I collaborated with Product Owners and Technical Leads on a daily basis.

Ensuring the best quality experience of the product by the end-user as well as making sure that design covered every scenario of the user story (happy and unhappy paths) and every user (accessibility and inclusive design) was a must.


Communication: As we were aiming to improve current solutions already in use by different countries it was extremely important to consistently share the proposals and get feedback from users and main stakeholders to iterate on the designs.

Language: We were operating in various different languages. It was crucial to understanding the behaviour of the different languages and currencies so we could effectively support them.

Accessibility: We were aiming to grow the product to comply with accessibility standards for 2022. Special attention was paid to the use of color, font size and font scaling behaviours. Languages and currencies played a huge part of the challenge when tackling accessibility.

I worked closely with the development team and QA to ensure the product was up to the highest standards.

Screen designes showing a flow

Contributions to the project:

During my time working on this project, I became an essential piece and gave support to almost all teams involved. I started as part of the virtual assistant team and when that module was delivered I was moved to Settings, where I grew up to give support and finally owned Global position and Accounts and Cards. At the final stage of the project, there was an urgent need to assist Payments to improve and simplify the overall experience.

Screens of settings feature

Contributions to the global Design System:

The Global Design System was being created at the time and a novel product we got to use in a beta state in the Globile project.

I started giving assessments to the global Design System team, by helping them test-prove components. During this part of my work, I proposed numerous improvements and generated several components that were added to the Design System.

I also contributed by doing an internal audit for the new (at the time) dark mode when working on the virtual assistant, that led to my inclusion in the definition of it and participation in relevant meetings.

my products screens

App map and flows:

I created the entire app map for our project so stakeholders could have a bigger picture and knew how to navigate and access the main modules of the app. This was an important exercise that was also used to understand the complexity and depth of our product and how the different modules where talking to each other.


One of the main side initiatives that Globile carried out was the one of generating a global tech community for Santander. A place for all to share and grow, that served as a source of truth.

I was chosen as one of the Khoros champions of the community to represent design and create relevant content and engage the community and was TOP 1 creator of content during the life of the project.

As an active member of the Santander Khoros community, I designed the logo for the community and redesigned the platform to match our corporate look and feel.

I wrote articles useful for the design team and people interested in the dynamics of design. I wrote all the knowledge base for the new designers to have a smoother onboarding and know where to locate resources.

The platform activity generated by Globile ranked number one in engagement and growth at company level.

Khoros redesign

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