About me:

I am an artist from Madrid. I have worked as a designer for companies like Blanco y Fechenbach, HBLC, IFP Chicago y Röedl & Partner, Voze among others, and I would definitely love to work with you as my next client!

I am passionate about all things made by hand and I love to keep creating things myself!

Every little free time I have I try to leave the city and explore other places and other people. I invest that time in my personal photography projects. I need to stay active and hike or bike; or walk; or run…

I like to take risks and explore places and things on my own. Make mistakes and learn from them.


¿Questions? Don´t hessitate to contact me.

Write me an email or just fill in the form that I´ve put at your disposal!

I will write back as soon as I can  ❀


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